CodeSprint - 3

CodeSprint 3 is an event designed to help bring the best talent from around the world to the startups and companies in the Bay Area that need them. At Interviewstreet we are constantly blown away by the talent that we see on our site everyday. We're starting a series of CodeSprints every month for programmers across the globe starting October. This is open to international candidates as well. We are planning to host an event that will give companies the time to make offers and get the paperwork ready for H1-B visas before the cap opens up.

  • CodeSprint - 3

    Region: USA

    CodeSpint 3 will be sponsored by an eclectic assortment of companies ranging from small startups to big corporations. We are going to be adding companies each week, so be sure to check back every now and again before the contest starts. If there is a particular company you want us to ask to join the contest shoot an email to and we will be sure to talk to them!

    Participating Companies

    More to come in the coming month so be sure to sign up!

    • Box
    • Booking
    • Academia
    • E-la-carte
    • ClassDojo
    • RocketFuel
    • OpenTable

    The event is on October 27th at 6:00 AM PST.


  • This event will be a 24 hour contest. It will start at 6:00 AM PST on October 27th and end at 6:00 AM PST on October 28th.

    Mark it on your calendar.


  • CodeSprint 3 is open to all human beings with access to computer.


  • Approximate algorithm problems, AI and algorithmic challenges


  • Still have questions? Email us at

Are you a company interested in participating in a CodeSprint? Feel free to drop a mail at: